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Dodging Bullets

Posted on January 29 2021

 My husband is in school for computer software development and he’s been working on this big project for the past few weeks. I was on the phone with him and he was telling me that he had been working on putting sounds into his latest project. This terrible crackling noise came over the phone and it immediately triggered some sort of PTSD in me. When my heart finally started to slow back down to a normal pace I started laughing uncontrollably. 


My little flashback took me back to me being about 8 and enjoying a nice barbeque with family. My aunt had bought this foreclosed house and had convinced the family to come help her clean it out. After a long day’s work of taking all of the junk out of the house and piling it onto a burn pile we were finally able to enjoy a fire and relax. The weather was perfect for a bonfire and man we really had this one going in just a few minutes. That’s when out of nowhere the gunshot went off.


I remember thinking someone put a firework popper into the fire to be funny. As soon as I looked at the adult’s faces I realized that this wasn’t some prank. Someone had unknowingly put a box of bullets into this fire and as you can guess they all started going off. “RUN!” someone yelled and we all made a run for the house to get to cover. I’ve never experienced such a thrill in my life. It was like the most exciting game of chase ever! What I wouldn’t do to have a video of all of us making a mad dash for the house.


As I was telling my husband this story it made me think of 2021. We had such a mess in 2020; we had piled it all up and we were ready to burn it. Just as we thought we were going to catch a break, sit back, breathe a little and enjoy our fire boom! 2021 just ended up being a box of bullets we weren’t ready for. Life is always like this though; there is always something going on. 


I pray for each of us as we go through this year that we cling to God’s word. That we run this race, dodging bullets and all, with God at our side. I can’t guarantee that there won’t be more hard times. I can say without a doubt that our God will be right there with us though. Helping us to become stronger in our valleys so that when we reach those mountains they are that much sweeter. Here’s to a year of growth and moving forward! 



  • Beautifully written!!
    Samantha, you and your family have always meant so much to me! You have grown immensely in your “Walk with the Lord! Keep your heart & eyes focused on HIM!! HE will help you climb ALL mountains!!
    Love you in Christ!!🙏🙏❤️❤️

    Posted by Doug Molock | January 30, 2021
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